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Interested in applying for senior model team 2023-2024?

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I'm Baylee, but you can call me Bay, B, or really anything you're feelin.

We're searching for seniors who love to take pictures and are active on social media. Applicant must be class of 2024 for high school. Ideally 1 rep per school.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Senior Model Team for Bay Reed Photography, please fill out the application below in detail & I will be in contact if I think you are the right fit. 

info below

the perks

-50% off your senior photo session fee

-Social media features

-A styled, group photo shoot announcing the senior model team

-bonus photo shoots that only BRP Senior Model Team get to participate in

-Fun get-togethers with the model team!

-Early access to open dates for photoshoot bookings

let's get to the good stuff

the requirements

-Must book 1-2 sessions at least, ideally one fall photoshoot and one spring photoshoot.

-one feed post a month

-one story post bi-weekly

-You must tag @seniorsbybay in each post.

-Keep a positive attitude and strive to bring brand awareness to Seniors By Bay

-SBB does not condone mean girl behavior, leave your Hailey Bieber vibes at home

-cannot book a competing photographer for senior photos

-cannot post photos from another photographer or tag ANY other photographer

-must attend reveal shoot/senior model bonding trip (location TBA)

-account must be public for the duration of your time on BRP Senior Model Team

-must be located in AZ or TX or willing to travel to AZ/TX.

what does it take?

the costs

A one time payment of $350 will be collected when chosen for a Senior Model Team position. This will be used toward our trip/reveal photoshoot for the upcoming year. 

Any other costs will be associated with your senior session (that you get an amazing discount on!)

No other payments are required.

does it cost anything to be on the team?

how to apply

Please follow the link to the form below!

You can either tell me about you in a paragraph or submit a video telling me a little about you!

A video submission is optional.

Your video is a way for me to get to know YOU, nothing too serious! Don't think about it too much, promise it won't make or break you. 💕

Your video or about you paragraph should include the following:

Introduce yourself
-any organizations you're involved in

Tell me why you want to be a member of BRP Senior Model Team and how you think you'd be a good fit.

Tell me about your top favorite high school/college memory.

Anything else you'd like to add in there! Be YOU!

Video does not have a time requirement but please keep it below 8-10 min.

Dress your best and show off your style!


ready to apply? read below

senior model team app



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